Dip Belt For Weight Lifting

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Brand: Hustle Athletics


  • Maximize Your Dip Strength - Train smarter and push your dips to the next level with the tough and dependable design of our weight belt. Add more weight to your dips, pull ups and squats to maximize your gains and reach your physical peak. Target your pecs, triceps, traps and more and boost your personal fitness with the ultimate dip belt!
  • Superior Weight Distribution - At 33” inches long and a chunky 7” wide, our dip belt for weight lifting offers excellent weight distribution across your body. While other weighted belts are often only 4”-6” wide, our 7” weight belt helps you fine tune your reps and stay balanced in a way competing belts can’t.
  • Total Workout Comfort - Unlike most others, our waist weight belt has 2mm of soft foam cushioning that shields you from painful pressure points as you dip. Free yourself from the uncomfortable workout-killing design of other weighted dip belt products and push through every rep in total comfort.
  • Ultra-Durable Carabiners - While most competing dip belts use flimsy 2” carabiners that are awkward to operate and prone to breaking, our belt is bolstered by chunky 3” carabiners. These make our dip belt extremely durable and easy to use, while the 3” carabiners on both D rings make it effortless to operate with one hand whether you’re left or right handed.
  • Total Satisfaction Guaranteed - At Hustle Athletics we believe that truly great workout gear should last you a lifetime. That’s why we offer you our Lifetime ‘Supreme Strength’ Money Back Guarantee on every single dip belt we sell. So invest in this essential piece of exercise kit today!

Details: SUPERCHARGE YOUR DIP STRENGTH WITH THE ULTIMATE DIP BELT With gritted teeth and eyes stinging from sweat, you count down the reps of your final weighted dip set. But just as you’re a couple of reps from your goal, disaster strikes! The irritating discomfort of your weighted belt digging into your waist turns into a burning pain. Then the balance of the weight shifts, disrupting your concentration and causing you to fail just short of your goal... Yes, this last set is always the hardest...and the most important. These final reps are where you truly build your strength and earn the gains you work so hard for. Don’t let a bad dip belt let you down again. Hustle Athletics have created this dip belt to combine solid design, maximum comfort and perfect weight balance. Why? So you can focus your mental and physical energies on finishing the perfect set...again and again! ● One Size Fits All ● 33” Long and 7” Wide ● Two 3” Heavy Duty Carabiners ● 2mm Foam Lining for Total Comfort ● Works with Olympic Plates, Kettlebells and regular 1” hole Plates Can this be used as a regular lifting belt for squats and deadlifts too? No, this Dip Belt is designed to be used primarily for dips. It will not offer the kind of protection and support that specialized weightlifting belts are made for. Buy with complete confidence - each Dip Belt is covered by our Lifetime ‘Supreme Strength’ Money Back Guarantee. Click ADD TO CART and buy now to help build your dip strength and construct the physique you desire!

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Package Dimensions: 13.3 x 8.5 x 3.9 inches